Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kelly, Boyen, Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer

Hye and a very Assalamualaikum to all of you.

After so long, I decided to comeback to update my long-lefted blog. 
So this time I am going to introduce you to Kelly, Boyen, Spring, Autumn, Winter and Summer.
Actually me and Khaylove rescued Kelly and Boyen few weeks ago, Khay found them next door to his gym place. They are found beside the drain without their CatMama.
At the time, they were very dirty. Khay rescued them home and gave them a shower.
We fed them with kibbles and wetfood, they are very adorable and clever.
They are playful kitten, we are very HARD TO LET THEM GO.
But they need a good home, and we need so let them go so that we may rescue more stray out there, in shaa Allah.
They need a new kind-hearted foster family to provide a good shelter and will take a good care of them.
If any of you, you and you are CatLovers, why don't you adopt them, they need you. 

You may find them here, just click on the picture below.

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder

Adopt dogs and cats at PetFinder


  1. tempat aku pun banyak kucing.jumpa-jumpa merata, ade kucing baru lagi, mak ilang.

    1. Kesiannya, yang Boyen and Kelly ni, we all jumpa tepi longkang without mak dia jugak ien, then we all bawa balik, bersihkan dia, kasi gemok sikit, pastu open for free adoption. Itu je bakti yang we all mampu untuk anak anak bulus ni ien. Do support us ien, mungkin boleh tolong advertise pet adoption we all ni. Heeee