Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kelly and Boyen are ADOPTED

YEAY !! Alhamdulillah.
Our babieslus, Kelly and Boyen are finally adopted.

Many thanks to Nurul Adlin and her husband as willing to give Kelly and Boyen a warm comfy home to grow up. 
Me and Khay met Adlin and her husband on last Sunday, we met up at Ayer Hitam.
Adlin looks very loving, we hope they will take a good care of Kelly and Boyen.
And a big thanks to PetFinder for giving Adlin a free starter pack. 
It is IAMS brand cat food. We hope, Kelly and Boyen will make Adlin and her husband happier. 

Khay with Kelly and Boyen

Myself with Kelly and Boyen

Me and Adlin with Kelly and Boyen in the carrier.



  1. wah.. lama x update blog? igtkan da bekubur da blog nie.. hahahah

  2. eleh, baru notified lah tu. Hahahaha