Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saya Comel ?

Yes, I was tagged by Si Chantek Keynah Razali for this contest.
Kind fun jugak ni, so i just simply posted this entry to fulfill her request.

Cik Esya Erisya ni lah yang jadi penganjur.
It is as easy as step 1 2 3, lets follow..


1) buat entry pasal contest ni and copy banner tu.. letak sekali kat entry tu..
2) letak picture anda yang comel-comel tu..
3) lepas tu tag kat 5 orang member anda..
4) lepas tu lagi, bagitahu kat member anda yang anda tag diorang
5) tinggalkan link entry anda dengan komen kat sini
6) laki and pempuan boleh join ok

So, I chose this picture for this contest. This is during last winter at South Korea.
Next, lets tagging !!


You people can rolling to the organiser's blog for more detail.
Just click on the banner...

Again, thanks to keynah..

With love,

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